Reiki Classes

Introduction to Reiki Healing

Reiki (ray-kee) is a Japanese word that translates to “universal life force energy.” This form of energy healing made it’s way from Japan to the United States over a hundred years ago to become the most widely used energy healing modality in the world.

The Ki is the Japanese equivalent of Chi found in Chi Gung, Tai Chi and other arts that move energy.

The focus of Reiki is on healing the body, reducing stress and achieving relaxation. Reiki has gained increasing popularity and credibility in the last number of years.

Dr. Oz, talk show host and renowned surgeon, is married to Lisa Oz, a Reiki master. Both believe strongly in energy work. And, Dr. Oz has predicted that energy medicine is on track to become the next step in evolution for medicine in this country. Many hospitals and health care facilities are now offering Reiki and Therapeutic Touch (TT) to their patients.

Some Reported Effects of Regular Reiki Treatments

* Relaxation
* Sore muscles feel better almost instantly
* Greater ability to cope with stress
* Immune system support
* Reduction in blood pressure
* Body’s ability to heal significantly boosted
* Energy and vitality sustained without the need for caffeine or stimulants

This introductory class will be interactive and show the powerful effects of Reiki through live demonstration and hands-on experience.

The class costs $150, is approximately 12 hours (depending on the number of students) and includes:

* A Reiki One Manual
* A certification in Reiki One, allowing you to practice on yourself and others
* Four attunements widening your energy channels to allow universal energy to flow more freely
* An overview of the history of Reiki
* Class time working on another person to hone your skills

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